“… the bottom line accountability for public servants is ethical (did I meet the public purpose as efficiently, effectively, equitably and openly as possible?); whereas for the private employees it is economic (did my work contribute to company profits and shareholder dividends?)”

Source: P Shergold: Ethics and the Changing Nature of Public Service, 1996 (former Public Service Commissioner Australian Public Service)

Public Sector Ethics is a growing area of focus by the Executive arm of government to ensure that the government policy is delivered to the public that elected the government.

Most State governments have progressed towards a formal ethics program either though the direct experience of failures in ethical decision making or as result of the publicity in other States.

Reforms have included:

  • independent authorities to review conduct by public officials
  • establishment of specific public sector entities to deal with ethical issues
  • training programs to assist public servants to understand the nature of acting in the service of the public

Public Service Ethics can work with you to customise modules or to develop specific modules for complex policy and decision making activities.

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