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Direct Understanding

This area of ethics is for those straight forward cases, such as using public asset for public purposes and not taking public assets for private purposes.

Indirect and Policy Driven decisions

In some areas of the public service, the challenge to ethics is more difficult to resolve.  Here principles such as the “slippery slope” and “thin end of the wedge” make what was a simple beginning become a complex ethical dilemma.

For example when does a good working relationship with someone in the private sector become unethical.  Is it when the value of the gifts and lunches exceeds a certain amount of money or when a major decision needs to be made and the public servant feels unable to act contrary the working relationship, but in the interest of the public.

Complex Policy and Decisions

In some case either the matter is complex or the issues involve professional ethics  standards.   In these instances the balancing of competing ethical view points and interests becomes a very difficult task.

Our on-line course provides training for Direct and Indirect ethical issues.  The more complex policy and decision making requires more client specific packages.
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