“Promoting the highest standards of integrity and accountability from everyone in public office”

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The Queensland Government developed program of integrity reform includes both legislative and administrative improvements, and is aimed at ensuring that Queensland stays at the forefront of open and accountable government.

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Lead AgencyPublic Service Commission
AuthorityPublic Sector Ethics Act 1994
Public Sector Ethics  Regulation 1994
Code of ConductOne
Varied for Professional Standards
Who is CoveredPublic Servants
Local Government Employees
Members of Parliament
Political Advisors
Internal OversightLead Agency
Agency HR
External OversightOmbudsman
Source Public Sector Ethics Act 1994

Principles – Section 5

Values – Sections 6-9

Principles  / Values The ethics principles are—
• integrity and impartiality
• promoting the public good
• commitment to the system of government
• accountability and transparency.
Scope Integrity and impartiality

  1. are committed to the highest ethical standards
  2. accept and value their duty to provide advice which is objective, independent, apolitical and impartial
  3. show respect towards all persons, including employees, clients and the general public
  4. acknowledge the primacy of the public interest and undertake that any conflict of interest issue will be resolved or appropriately managed in favour of the public interest
  5. are committed to honest, fair and respectful engagement with the community.

Promoting the public good

  1. accept and value their duty to be responsive to both the requirements of government and to the public interest
  2. accept and value heir duty to engage the community in developing and effecting official public sector priorities, policies and decisions
  3. accept and value their duty to manage public resources effectively, efficiently and economically
  4. value and seek to achieve excellence in service delivery
  5. value and seek to achieve enhanced integration of services to better service clients.

Commitment to the system of government

  1. accept and value their duty to uphold the system of government and the laws of the State, the Commonwealth and local government
  2. are committed to effecting official public sector priorities, policies and decisions professionally and impartially
  3. accept and value their duty to operate within the framework of Ministerial responsibility to government, the Parliament and the community.

Accountability and transparency

  1. are committed to exercising proper diligence, care and attention
  2. are committed to using public resources in an effective and accountable way
  3. are committed to managing information as openly as practicable within the legal framework
  4. value and seek to achieve high standards of public administration
  5. value and seek to innovate and continuously improve performance

value and seek to operate within a framework of mutual obligation and shared responsibility between public service agencies, public sector entities and public officials.

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