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Public employment carries with it a particular obligation to the public interest. It requires standards of professional behaviour from employees that promote and maintain public confidence and trust in the work of Government departments.

Accordingly, the public service staff must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times. The NSW Government has developed appropriate policies, guidelines and legislation in order to ensure that employees, departments and agencies comply with the highest standards of performance, conduct and ethical accountability.

NSW public service are required to:

  • maintain appropriate standards of conduct and work-related performance in the public service
  • protect and enhance the integrity and reputation of the public service
  • ensure that the public interest is protected

Public employment carries with it an obligation to the public interest. It requires standards of The Code of Conduct applicable to a public servant is based on the principles of:

  • public confidence
  • responsibility to the Government of the Day
  • the rights of staff.

The values embodied in the Model Code of Conduct are:

  • honesty
  • Integrity
  • loyalty to the public interest
  • fairness
  • conscientiousness
  • compassion

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