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“Northern Territory Public Sector employees are in a unique and demanding position of trust that requires the highest standards of behavior”

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Northern Territory

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Commissioner for Public Employment


Public Service Commission

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Internal Oversight

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External Oversight



Public Sector Employment and Management Act 1993

Principles – Section 5F

Principles / Values

Under the Performance and Conduct Principle is that a public sector officer must do the following:

  1.  carry out the officer’s duties as follows:
  2. objectively, impartially, professionally and with integrity;
  3. to the best of the officer’s ability;
  4. in accordance with the Act and any code of conduct applicable to the officer under section 16(2)(c);
  5. treat other public sector officers, other persons in the workplace and members of the public fairly, equitably and with proper courtesy and consideration;
  6. ensure effective, efficient and appropriate use of public resources;
  7. avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal or other interests and duties as a public sector officer;
  8.  ensure the officer’s personal conduct does not:
  9. adversely affect the performance of the officer’s duties as a public sector officer; or
  10. bring the Public Sector into disrepute.


  1. Perform their official duties with skill, impartiality, professionalism and integrity.
  2. Disclose their private financial and other interests where those interests may, or may appear to conflict with their official duties, and shall take all reasonable steps to prevent such conflict.
  3. Where responsible for incurring or authorising expenditure shall exercise due economy and ensure the efficient and economical use of government resources and facilities.
  4. Not take advantage of their official duties, status, powers or authority in order to seek or obtain a benefit for themselves or for any other person or body.
  5. Exercise proper courtesy, consideration and sensitivity and shall act with fairness and equity in all their dealings with members of the public and with other employees.
  6. Not engage in improper conduct, in their official capacity or otherwise, that adversely affects the performance of their duties or brings the public sector into disrepute.

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