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Our Services

We work with agencies in establishing effective ethics-related systems, from training through to audit and risk aspects.

Our approach is to develop an organisational response to make ethical practice part of the business improvement cycle.

By aligning generational approaches to ethics and incorporating training strategies commensurate to workforce dynamics and characteristics, Urban E-Learning focusses on closing the loop for better performance.

With high management and strategic risk management experience, Urban E-Learning can assist with strategies to reduce uncontrolled exposure to ethical problems and conflict of interest.

Working closely with the audit functions, to develop lead and lag indicators Urban E-Learning reviews have closed loops in:

  • policy development
  • procurement
  • finance
  • technical
  • governance

Urban E-Learning works with HR to take legislative and high level policy into organisations through documentation, on-line training and facilitated discussions.

We have a clear role in handling ethics training in a pragmatic and discreet manner. Being outside of the public service and particularly the agency internal structure and the external enforcement agencies, Urban E-learning can confidently manage and respond to issues that might arise in on-line and face to face situations.

Through Urban Executive we offer confidential advice and assistance in resolving particular incidents, with a focus on reducing the risk of a repeat incident and strengthening organisational strategies.

Steven Asnicar is a Director for Public Service Ethics, Australia, and leads the firm’s delivery of advisory and professional services to Public and Private organisations on policy advice, operational and strategic reviews. From his Board and Senior Management roles in government, health, utilities and business, he brings a dynamic understanding of ethics, challenges and opportunities across the workforce. Steven has had major leadership roles in corporate, government, academic and not for profit sectors.

Andrew Watt has made significant contributions to business improvement and public sector service delivery through negotiating public sector processes, systems and structures.

With over twenty year legal experience and public service management, Andrew Watt has established and monitored risk arrangements in government and government business enterprises.

Having provided advice for agency risk across technical, business, policy and administration areas, Andrew’s broad coverage and integration capacity ensures ethics issues are addressed from multiple angles and using multifaceted responses.